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  • Brought out the best in me

    “Richard has a way of gathering everyone around and getting them excited about a project. He taught me to channel my passion for design into a marketable product. He set high expectations and brought out the best in me.”

  • Expert guidance

    "I rely on Richard for expert guidance in developing effective strategies with a singular focus on driving revenue and profitably growing companies. I recommend his services highly."

  • Finds solutions for “unsolvable” situations

    “Richard is an innovator and someone who can find a solution for the "unsolvable” situations. His drive is only matched by his dedication.”

  • Creates an opening for success

    “Richard is a visionary leader, a rarity; a complete marketing and sales professional who sees past the issues of marketing and sales to create an opening for success. A true pleasure to bounce ideas off. Great vision, ideas, and top notch leadership skills.”

  • Brings new ideas and passion

    "I have had the chance to meet with a couple hundred CEOs over the years. Richard stands out as a leader, bringing new ideas, strategic planning, and passion to the organization. He has done outstanding work with BBBS of the Bay Area.”

  • Simple solutions to complex problems

    “With enthusiasm and wit, Richard conveys simple solutions to complex problems. He cuts through the noise and gets to the heart of the issue. He can also execute exceptionally well and follows his budgets closely.”

  • Innovative, focused and very funny

    “Richard is an inspiration. He has great strategic vision, but also has the business skills to understand what the obstacles which need to be overcome to be successful. He is innovative, focused, high energy, congenial and very funny.”

  • Builds sustainable business models

    “Richard is an amazing, high-energy guy. His leadership skills especially in terms of building sustainable business models, managing growth and change are great and when it comes to communication and inspiring others Richard leads the pack.”

  • No disrespect, the best hire ever

    Jonathan Schreiber, CEO, Xingtone

    “Richard Miles, with no disrespect to anyone, is the best hire I ever made. I learned more from him than anyone else I ever worked with. He is a tremendous sales and marketing guru and a spectacular human being. I would do anything to hire him again.”

  • From startup to global player

    “I had the opportunity to witness Richard Miles as a chief strategist and implementer of a solid go-to-market strategy. Under his guidance our client went from a startup software company to a major player on the global market.”

  • Made a huge impact on our branding

    "Richard made a huge impact on our organization’s branding. His approach successfully communicates the emotion and passion behind our work, and the online community he is creating will substantially increase donations."

  • From idea to our first sale

    "Richard helped us take a concept from informal notes to a formalized pitch, ready for investors and clients. His process is efficient, effective — even fun — and his coaching helped us land our first big sale. Basically, he’s the man."